Needle Felted Frankenweenie!

What a comical and fabulous creation is this! We have been sharing a few truly wonderful needle felted works by our felting friend, Caroline Neff  — but just HAD to squeeze in ONE MORE….Needle Felted Frankenweenie! Who could resist?

We decided to let Carline tell you about it herself: 

Hello Friends at Living Felt! Not too long ago I ordered some of your fabulous black onyx MC1 and bright white MC2 Merino Cross Batt….  I started out on a panda bear kick… and then snowmen… but then— my daughter said to me.. “Why don’t you make those cool characters from Frankenweenie!?” I thought that was a great idea!  Here is a perfect example of what you can do with two basic colors!   I did add some Cocoa NZ Corriedale from my Pilgrim’s Harvest pack for details, and some gray for shading.  I’m really excited about this trio and wanted to share them with you!  Oh the possibilities are just endless!  🙂

Best to all!

Caroline Neff , aka Sneffca

needle felted sparky frankenweenie

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