Gorgeous Knit and Fulled Purses with Needle Felted Designs

Leedra Scott creates wonderful art on her custom knit purses with freehand needle felting. This lovely purse is her design, and she shares a little more on her method for needle felting onto knit items.

” I knit my purses and [washing] machine felt.  I thoroughly dry the purse before beginning any needle felting, Looking at a photograph I apply a small amount of roving and place on the purse where it looks right to me.  All my designs are freehand, so I can’t even duplicate.   I totally apply with the felting needles and mostly use the one needle application for the complete design.  I prefer the New Zealand Corriedale roving, but do have others that I include in the designs.

I have very small amounts of roving from others usually a color picked up at a local fiber festival. I would say 95% of my roving came from Living Felt.  I also have tried other needles, but don’t like them at all.  They are in a box for ‘just in case’…”

Her creativity flows forth through different mediums, and you can see more from Leedra online:


and of course, her Etsty shop! :O) http://www.etsy.com/shop/leedrasheirloomgoods

One thought on “Gorgeous Knit and Fulled Purses with Needle Felted Designs

  1. Hi: I know Leedra personally and have been in awe of her work. I have done some needle felting but nothing on the scale of what Leedra does. I need to practice more but don’t know if I could ever ‘freehand’ something that actually looks like a bird- flowers maybe!!



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