Fears and Pet Peaves Expressed in Felted Monsters

My 6th grade students finished felted their monsters just in time for Halloween! Their assignment was to create a monster that embodies either a fear that they have, or a pet peeve. We were also studying Tim Burton’s monsters so some part of their monster was supposed to be inspired by Tim Burton as well.
Felted Monsters

The felted monster with the orange dress with black stripes is the fear of heights. The student, Oudom W., wanted to illustrate gravity pulling at the character, illustrated by the blue hand grabbing at her head, as well as instability, which is why he has the person balanced on a round ball.


The green-eyed orange monster is to illustrate the fear of fire by Zina A. The fire monster has 4 legs and feet because Zina’s pet peeve is when people step on her feet.

The green monster with the red tongue hanging out is by Owen S. Owen is scared by the public service announcements warning people about the effects of smoking so his monster is green because he is sick from smoking. You can’t see it but this monster also has sick black lungs on the back.

The dark monster with the glowing yellow eye is by Day E. She hates being stared at, hence the giant eye. Her fear is of things that you know are there in the dark or lurking underwater, but you can’t see them so she made some tentacles and eyes coming out of a little cavern in the bottom of her monster.



The one with long striped legs is another fear of heights. This monster has spring legs and lures children to him with his bright colors and then bounces up high in the air. This monster was made by Evelyn O.


The black/dark purple monster with yellow eyes is fear of the dark by Ndali B.

The green guy in the white cup is illustrating Selorm B.’s pet peeve, which is when people accidentally use his cup at lunch and drink out of it making it dirty. His monster, therefore, makes cups dirty when people aren’t paying attention.


My students LOVED felting, especially the boys that I have had a hard time engaging in the past. At the end of class I would have to wrestle the felting needles out of their hands to get them to stop working and go to their next class!


Happy Halloween,


Laura and North Country School’s 6th grade class


One thought on “Fears and Pet Peaves Expressed in Felted Monsters

  1. We see so much fabulous work done by adults in these newsletters that I was thrilled to see these wonderful, creative and fantastic felts. Hats off to the teacher and kudos to all the students. This is art at it’s finest!


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