Put that Felted Turkey to Work!

Sharen Johnson shares another fun and functional felt creation!

“Introducing Timothy Thomas Turkey otherwise known as Tim-Tom was needle felted with a structure first
of Living Felt’s super new Merino cross-core wool. It felts so nicely and really enables me to add fine details.
After constructing the base in core wool I use dyed Merino top wool for color and extra details.
I generally prefer to use solid dyed colors and blend them as I go.

Tim-Tom is a pincushion with an added feature. He holds a retractable tape measure inside
and by pulling the bottom layer of tail feathers you can unfurl the tape.
Retracting it involves pushing a button hidden under his wing feathers.

I have been listing my specialty pincushion/tape measure novelties on www.sharryJo.etsy.com
in the past and they have been well received so I am excited to be back to felting once again.
I am so grateful for Living Felt’s quality products. They bring out the creative gene in me.”

-Sharen Johnson Rutledge, TN

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