Wearable Nuno Felt Art for Real Women

Cynthia Boudreau creates handwoven and/or nuno felted art wear for real women who want something unique.
Her lovely red nuno felt dress is called Madrid and  was honored as Best in Show at the recent Fine Line Creative Art Center Uncommon Threads Fashion Show 
Cynthia Boudreau began to sew as a child under the guidance of her immigrant grandmother who was an amazing professional seamstress. In college, Cynthia learned to weave her own fabrics at NIU with Dr. Shazaman,
a wonderful talented and patient woman from Pakistan.
 The first fabric she wove was from an old textile pattern called “Cynthia’s Heirloom”.  Upon finishing this lovely piece of cloth, Cynthia and her grandmother sewed together a dress and long vest, which Cynthia still has.  Therefore, when it was time to really in earnest weave, nuno felt fabric and sew lovely women’s clothing, homage needed to be paid to these two influential women and the name of the first cloth made!  So, Cynthia’s Heirloom Art was created with women in mind who desire something timeless, unique and designer to wear.

Visit Cynthia online and see her latest works at

Cynthia Boudreau Textile Design on facebook

One thought on “Wearable Nuno Felt Art for Real Women

  1. Beautiful work! I was wondering if you designed your own clothing patterns or used commercial patterns for the large or smaller designers?


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