Needle Felted Winter Fairies

Needle Felted Winter White Fairies

Needle Felted Winter Fairies

“This was my first felting project, and I’m hooked on this craft already! 

 My two sisters and I exchange ornaments every year for Christmas, and this year I wanted to make something special for them. I was inspired by a similar fairy I saw online and decided to try it out for myself.  The materials I used were New Zealand Corriedale Natural White wool, three felting needles of different widths, and Natural Cotswold White Locks. I added a Swarovsky heart crystal that dangles from each fairy’s hand, and some sparkly craft felt for the wings. The final touch was the halo of tiny blue felt flowers in the hair. 

My sisters love their fairy ornaments, and I have already received orders to make some custom pieces for friends.”

Jennifer Cairns

Burlington, Ontario

5 thoughts on “Needle Felted Winter White Fairies

  1. Hello. I just want to say ‘Bravo to Jennifer Cairns for her beautiful Winter Fairies. Since we have snow here, I know that I if I look hard enough, I will see some of her ‘fairies’ dancing along the snow on the hedges. Thank you for sharing.

    I wonder if Jennifer might want to communicate with me? I live in Northern Ontario and would very like to share a few words with her.

    Might I impose on you to pass my e-mail along to her so that she can decide if she wishes to respond to me? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    S. Lalande,


    • Thank you very much for the positive comments!

      Yes, the dress is felted. I didn’t use a kit…just a similar picture I saw online and my imagination. 🙂


  2. This is beautiful! I am new to needle felting, as well, and it is so amazing what you can create with this medium! Great job on the fairies.


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