Lovely Needle Felted Hats

Needle Felted Hat

Kathy Shallow of Missouri shared her beautiful needle felted hats with us. She enjoys using Alpaca rovings from her sister’s flock,  along with Living Felt felting tools, needle felting foam hat formsfleece locks and merino cross fibers.

needle felted hat

needle felted hat


clover needle felting moldsNeedle felting hat form foammulti-needle felting tool

A complete needle felting a hat kit is also available, and a great place to start:

Needle felting a hat kit

4 thoughts on “Lovely Needle Felted Hats

    • Hi Barbara,

      Its really just the nature of the felted fabric, but also in how the item is fulled, blocked and finalized. It is most natural for the felted fabric to assume the rounded shape…imagine that you have drawn fabric tight over the dome of the foam, unless you hem in those hard edged seams, the fabric will naturally smooth out on the corners once removed. In our hat kit, we show how to finish the hat in the rounded fashion, and how to make the edges more crisp like the brownish/gray hat.


  1. I have the kit and instructions and it doesn’t talk about how to make a brim that is flat and circles out around the hat only how to flip up the hat for more of a crown hat look. Is there somewhere I can find instructions on making a flat round brim?


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