Wet Felted Rose

Wet Felted Rose to Wear

Wet Felted Rose

“See what I made your recent box of love?

I used Bamboo and Fern Merino Cross batts for the leaves. (Thank you, Marie, for the wonderful leaf tutorial on the website!) and your yummy deep Red NZ Corriedale roving for the rose.  

I love learning new felting techniques and having your beautiful supplies here as constant inspiration.  I have a ideas that are keeping me awake at night!  Can’t wait to find (uninterrupted!) time to make them happen.  I do love putting your CD on on snowy afternoons and seeing what my kids come up with too!  My 5 yr old daughter and I have been making felted soaps – SUCH a FUN project to do with her.  Good exercise too 🙂

Thank you for being the angels of creativity that all of you are!”

Blessings- Mary Denmead

3 thoughts on “Wet Felted Rose to Wear

  1. What an absolutely beautiful piece. I love it. I also love and am so proud of the beautiful lady that made it…..my precious daughter Mary who puts such love in everything she does. You can just see it when you look at her work. thank you for the inspiration you give her and all who have learned from you.


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