Felted Bunny Mat

Felted Table Mat for Easter!

Felted Bunny Mat

This colorful and festive Easter Bunny Mat is a wet felted background with machine felted with hand finished embellishments.

“This was my first try at wet felting and machine needle felting.  I used Living Felt Merino Cross Felting Batts in Bamboo, Sorbet, Onyx, and Aspen Grey.  The background was wet felting and the bunny was machine needle felted using a piece of wool that I had. I cut a piece of wool from the template and positioned on the background material before felting on needle felting machine. I accented with DMC embroidery thread and Coptic markers.  I plan to add a backing to this and use as a decorative piece for a hall table this spring.  The idea for the bunny came from Willow Nook Machine Felting Book.

 I really enjoyed trying this craft and look forward to doing more.”

Rae Brougher
Browns Valley, CA

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