Nuno Felt Shawl Scarf Dream Catcher

The Inspired Felted Scarves of Nicole Burton

Nicole Burton’s current felt scarves and wraps are undeniably inspired by Native American themes. We recently had an opportunity to visit with Nicole and learn more about her and her stunning felt works.

When and how did you discover felting? “I discovered felting about 3 years ago. I started crocheting but wasn’t satisfied and did some research on different types of fiber art and came across a nuno felted scarf.. I fell in love instantly. I started learning everything and anything I could about it and taught myself with the help of online videos, books and forums. There are so many incredible resources out there for people wanting to learn this medium.”

nuno felt scarf nicole burton

What do you enjoy about it?I love everything about the felting process. From the way the wool feels in your hands when your laying out the little tufts, to seeing it combine altogether to create one amazing piece of fabric. I love that you can make anything you can think of, from accessories to sculptural pieces to clothing. It is only ever limited by your imagination. It is such a rewarding feeling to have a vision in your head come to life in your hands.. that’s not to say the vision doesn’t change while being made. Felt sometimes has a mind of it’s own and it will lead you to a different path that expected.. but that is part of the fun.”

Nuno Felt Shawl Scarf Dream Catcher

Like many artists, Nicole finds that she goes through thematic phases. “I will be inspired by something and make a collection until I’ve exhausted all there is in my mind.”

“An example would be my Native American/Tribal inspired work. I started that line in the summer when one day I was looking at a dreamcatcher I had hanging in our home and thought “How beautiful would that be to have a dreamcatcher on a scarf?” and the line was born from there. I am inspired by many things.. nature, different cultures, emotions.. the fiber itself sometimes inspires and dictates what it wants to be.”

At this time, felt has become Nicole’s primary medium for artistic expression. She dabbles in crocheting and shares that she would love to learn to spin her own yarns for incorporation into her felt works.

Nicole shares that a primary inspiration in her life is her husband. “He inspires me everyday to grow, stay focused and believe in myself.”

What is your ultimate goal or desire with your “work/passion/art”?
“The ultimate goal is to always keep growing and evolving as an artist, never staying stagnant. Learning and creating.. pushing the boundaries we set for ourselves. Just knowing that there are people out there wearing something I have made, that I have put all my love in and are feeling beautiful in it, that is what keeps me going. I think the goal for me is to never lose sight of that.”

nuno felt lattice scarf shawl

For anyone just getting started with felting and expressing their creativity through art, Nicole offers:
“Believe in yourself! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Free any restrictions you have and express yourself through your art, this is where you can let your soul shine.”  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -Thomas Merton

Visit Nicole’s Shop:

See some great “process” photos of felt scarves in the making and follow Nicole on Facebook:

4 thoughts on “The Inspired Felted Scarves of Nicole Burton

  1. This felt got feeling 😉 really tho, incredible, inventive, deep, spirit filled, raw, gorgeous. Really taking it to the next level. I’d love to see what you could do with some boots in that genre of the native style 🙂
    Bless it!


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