Felted Magical Delights in Many Varieties!

Lisa Bondurant lives in Virginia, and shares that she spends her time raising kids, gathering eggs, cutting wood, scoping out trees for tapping, making syrup in the last days of winter, watching her garden NOT grow in the summer, writing, wishing that there were more hours on the clock for sleeping. She creates along with my mother; Mom crochets and sews and Lisa wet felts and needle felts All of their designs are original and free hand, Lisa never use a pattern or template.

I was a Milk House Girl, which meant I milked a lot of cows, and Sweetpea the Cow was my very favorite cow in the world! Every morning she met me with a nudge of her pink nose and a hug, yes a hug! She would curl her neck around and squeeeeeeeze me against her side until I scratched her ear, told her she was the most wonderful cow in the world, that she was the sweetest cow in the world and that she was still my favorite cow. I have a lot of stories to tell about Sweetpea and one day I will. Until then this bar is inspired and dedicated to Sweetpea my friend always!

“Love You Love Ewe” felted bar. Created for Valentines Day or anytime you need to say I Love You. I use quick felting core fibers to help with felting with a soft merino tops over to give it a gentle touch to the skin. I then needle felt my design onto the dry bar. We live in the mountains above the Shenandoah valley and every time we look out the window we are inspired by nature and the life around us.

Chickadee microwavable hand warmers made from salvaged felted sweaters. We then fill with rice and I needle felt the chickadee and berry branch onto the front. We love chickadees and watch them feed just at the edge of our woods everyday. These are great to make from bits and pieces of leftover felt or sweaters from a larger project.

“Way Too Fluffy Family” felted bar set. Again I use a quick felt core fiber with soft merino over the top to wet felt. After drying I use black, pink and white to needle felt my family onto them. Inspired by the fluffy white sheep that dot the green Valley every Spring. Needle felting soap can be a challenge! If you hold the needle at the wrong angle or poke too hard the needle tip can break and ruin your bar.

My mom crocheted the bowl from Burly Spun white and we felted it down in the washer. After felting I needle felted the pink rose on the side and 1 rose on the bottom of the bowl. We have a wild pink rose in our back yard and seeing it bloom just makes me happy!

Salvaged sweater bag made from a rescued Irish Home Craft sweater that was bought at the thrift store. We felted it down in the washing machine then turned it into 3 different bags. I needle felt the design onto it with my hand dyed Merino. Felting sweaters is so easy after felting bars of soap!

Visit Lisa & Mom on etsy: http://etsy.com/shop/bondurantmountainart
Visit their website:  http://www.bondurantmountain.com

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