Brenda Milligan's Felted Wall Hangings

Wet and Needle Felted Gnome House

These felted wall hangings by Brenda Milligan are fabulous! The background is wet felted, then she needle felts the picture on to them. The texture in this little gnome home is just exquisite! The colors remind me of Living Felt Merino Cross Scenic Vista pack.

Wet and Needle Felted Vine Wall Hanging


The flowers on this vine were wet felted, then Brenda, who lives in Vermont and has been a long time Living Felt customer, needle felted them to the background. She embroidered the stems and flowers to, “make the path stand out.” Looking at it is such a Blue Delight!


Wet and Needlefelted Wall Hanging Mushroom House


Brenda’s inspiration comes from a love of gnomes and country gardens- you can tell she has a garden of her own based on the lovely detail in this mushroom house! The mushroom, Brenda tells us, is actually knitted first and then she needle felted it to her background. Here she has created a little Fairy Hollow  of her own!

Thank you for sharing your amazing creations with us Brenda! We hope to see more soon! 🙂


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