Needle Felted Gandalf Doll

Needle Felted Gandalf Doll by Geri Williams

Needle Felted Gandalf Doll

Look at this amazing needle felted Gandalf doll from Lord of the Rings made by Geri Williams of Washington!

Needle Felted Gandalf Doll

 Geri needle felted him using Living Felt Core Wool, Clover Needle Felting Brush Mat, and New Zealand Corriedale Natural Medium. She used dry pastel chalks to color the face and hands.

Geri teaches a needle felting workshop in Fort Worth, Texas to spread the wonderful art of felting!

Needle Felted Gandalf Doll

Geri says, “I have loved the Lord of the Rings books since reading them with my sons.  When the movies came out, Gandalf was just as I had imagined him:  strong, kind, mischievous, with a twinkle in his eye…so like my grandpa, Charles Marion.  I had to try!”

Thank you for your fantastic artwork with us! We hope to see many more in the future!

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