Needle Felted Wall Hanging Girl

Needle Felted Paintings by Anne Zimmerman

Needle Felted Wall Hanging Mermaid

This serene yet vibrant mermaid wall hanging was needle felted by Anne Zimmerman of New York.
She says, “I love to do needle felting as a painting medium. It is so relaxing, portable, and tactile”

Needle Felted Wall Hanging Girl

These wall hanging can be made using Living Felt Merino Cross Goody Bags. Anne says, “I try to achieve a watercolor effect with the fibers…by blending and swirling the coloful fibers onto a piece of felt. I can achieve surprising shading by layering dark over light or light over dark.”

Thank you for sharing your beautiful needle felted paintings with us, Anne! We hope to see more soon!

4 thoughts on “Needle Felted Paintings by Anne Zimmerman

  1. My awe of the beautiful felting ‘paintings’!
    The mermaid is mesmerizing!
    Thanks for sharing – I love seeing these, very beautiful and very inspiring!
    Sarah Houghton,
    Toronto, ON


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