Needle Felted Farm Pig

Fun Felted Farm Friends

Needle Felted Farm Chickens

 These charming creatures were needle felted by Lucinda Van Vleck of New York! She shared with us how she makes these chickens, “First, I dry felt an oblong shape for the body with the (clover) 5 needle tool.  Then I add a triangle for the tail, a circle for the head and two leaf shapes for the wings.  The beak is formed by rolling a wisp of wool around a round toothpick.  To finish, I add the features.”

Needle Felted Farm Pigs

 Lucinda told us how she made her little piggies, “The pink pig was made with rose petal Merino cross and the tan pigs were made with sand and dark chocolate. I started 5 needle felting  a tightly rolled piece of wool.  I folded it in half forming one end into a cone for the head.  I added cylinders of tightly felted wool for the legs with one end left loose for attaching to the body.  The snout was formed by felting the end of the cylinder flat and the face was felted into shape with added pieces to form the jowls. The ears were made from leaf shapes of felted wool.  The tail is a thinly wound and twisted piece of wool the same color as the body.”

Needle Felted Birds

 Lucinda makes these animals with Living Felt Merino Cross Batt Earth Tones Pack, Monocrome Pack, Rose Petal, True Red and Lemon Peel. She felts them with our Clover 5 Needle Tool 8900.

Needle Felted Black Bears

 Thank you for sharing your adorable creations with us, Lucinda! We hope to see more soon!

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