Needle Felted Border Collie

Shyloh, the Needle Felted Border Collie

Needle Felted Border Collie

This adorable little guy is named Shyloh, and his owner, Courtney Forester, needle felting him! She wanted to make something special for her best friend, so she made a copy of himself! 🙂

This, surprisingly enough, is Courtney’s first attempt at felting too! Shyloh came out so well, you never would have guessed this was her first time! “I never knew wool was so interesting like this! I had no idea you could just poke a bunch of wool and be able to shape it into something so solid,” She tells us.

If you would like to needle felt your own dog, try the Living Felt Needle Felting a Dog Kit! Thank you for sharing your adorable creation with us, Courtney, and great job!

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