Needle Felted Blue Heron

Needle Felted Sculptures by Sue Stasiowski

Needle Felted Dolphin

 Sue Stasiowski of Maine made all of these magnificent animals! These beautiful sculptures are all so stylized!

Needle Felted Blue Heron

 Sue made this majestic creature using Living Felt Core Wool, New Zealand Corriedale Ice, Butterscotch, Marigold, Merino Cross Batt Aspen, Blue Frost, Robin’s Egg, Sky, Merino Top Aqua, Baltic, and Amethyst. The legs and neck were both needle felted over armature wire, with the wire extending through the legs to holes in the found driftwood base for stability.

Needle Felted Blue Heron

 “Working several hours a day, the heron took me about 3 months to make.” It was definitely worth the work!

Needle Felted Blue Heron

 “Even though I’ve been needle felting for over 5 years, I am still amazed at the beautiful and creative pieces that can be made with wool, a needle, and your imagination.  I like to educate people about the process of needle felting and encourage people to think of wool creations as a beautiful and functional form of art.”

Needle Felted Lion

  Sue shares with us her tools when felting, “All of my 3-dimentional pieces are 100% needle felted. I usually use a variety of needle sizes on each piece depending on the fiber I’m working with and the look I want to acheive. I mainly use wool (core fiber for the inside, corriedale, silky blends, curly locks) but I also use silk, alpaca, cashmere, recycled sweaters and wool yarn.”

Needle Felted Lion

 Sue shares her process with us, “When I get an idea for a project I start by going to my computer and finding photographs of what I want to make. I print these photographs and hang them in my studio. I study them for several days or weeks and then, and it’s hard to explain when and why, but I finally feel that I’m ready to start felting. Interestingly, once I start to felt I rarely look at the photos.”

Needle Felted Owl

 Sue tells us how she was inspired to felt, “My inspiration came from my Dad although I didn’t realize this until much later in my life.  My father was an upholster and he owed his own business.  When I was a teenager I worked in his shop after school. As I look back on that time, I realize that my current love of fiber, fabric and color came from that early experience working with my dad.  Now I get inspired from animals and from nature and from making something I’ve never made before.”

Needle Felted Owl

 “I love to experiment with challenging forms, like how to keep the heron standing up on those skinny legs, and I love to use found driftwood or other objects in my pieces if they add to the overall look.”

 Thank you for sharing your striking sculptures with us, Sue.

If you would like to see more of Sue’s work, check out her website here:

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