Needle Felted Tre Palline

Needle Felted Tre Palline

Needle Felted Tre Palline

These delicious looking Tre Palline were needle felted by Deb Kiger of California!

Needle Felted Tre Palline

Deb shares her chosen name with us, “Palline. You pronounce it the way the Italians do: pah-LEE-nay, and more specifically: tre palline, translated as three scoops. What’s that got to do with felting?! Plenty, when you are trying to come up with a better name for your artwork than ‘woolly balls!'”

Needle Felted Tre Palline

 To make this project, Deb used a few ounces of wool, Pen Felting Tool, 5-Needle Felting Tool, 36 gauge needles, and a 5×5 felting foam.

Thanks for giving us the scoop, Deb! 😉

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