Needle Felted Flying Pig

You'll Believe This Flying Pig!

Needle Felted Flying Pig

This cute little flying pig was needle felted by Monika Schaefer! She made it for her good friend who moved away since she has an affinity for flying pigs. What a wonderful and thoughtful present!

Needle Felted Flying Pig

“I’ve been getting your weekly newsletter with great anticipation for months now and the talent your readers have always amazes me,” she tells us. Her pig is made from Core Wool, then covered with Corriedale (like white and cherub). The wings were first needle felted onto a foam to make their shape, then wet felted to give them better integrity. The legs were felted separately, then attached to the body with a 3 needle tool (like this Pen tool) filled with 38 gauge needles.

Wow, what a great friend! Have you, readers, made something for a friend? If so, what? Leave your comments below! 🙂

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