Needle Felted Black Cat - Costume

Needle Felted Black Cat…Costume Pal

Needle Felted Black Cat - Costume

Amanda Irwin of Toronto, Ontario Canada needle felted this cartoony black cat for a friend’s costume…we love the innovations she came up with and the perfection with which he is needle felted!

A friend needed a little black cat of rather cartoonish proportions for a costume, so I took to the task of needlefelting her one! He’s core wool, covered in merino cross onyx black, which felts so quickly, and black cherry in his ears. I added magnets to his feet and felted over them (which was tricky) and my friend wore a simple metal plate under her costume that kept her kitty perched on her shoulder for hours without falling off. I plan to try to make a shoulder sitting owl next!”

Magnets in the feet….briliiant! And a wonderful success this costume will be!
Amanda often shares her creations on our facebook page…so join us there and post your pics as well!

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