vibrant nuno felt bird shawl

Vibrant Garuda Shawl ~ Felt in Flight

vibrant nuno felt bird shawl
This gorgeous and vibrant nuno felt shawl was felted by our friend Mary Denmead of Washington.
It was created for a community art show with a bird theme, and the inspiration came from the mythical creature, Garuda, a symbol seen in Hindu and Buddhist texts.

“I used many different merino colors and black crepe silk for the base.  I made some silk “paper” with tussah silk and used that to cut out the feather details for the embellishment.  I love how they pick up the light.

The inspiration for this “bird” is the Garuda – a mythical creature that reminds us to live joyfully in the moment – without limits – and without attachment to outcomes.  

Grateful to all of you for the inspiration you give all of us merry felters!

Happy Fall! ~  Mary”

If you have been with us for a while, might recall that we first saw nuno felt scarves by Mary back in 2011.
She started with the Living Felt  Deluxe Nuno Felting Kit in Fairy Hollow, and went on to WOW us
with her next scarf from our Apple Orchard Specialty Designer Pack.

 Below is her fabulous scarf and her note about the pack:

nuno felt scarf apple orchard

“Hi Marie and everybody at Living Felt- Here’s my most recent nuno scarf made with your incredible Apple Orchard Specialty designer goody pack and a silk scarf. Your designer packs are all so incredible…I can’t wait to pick another one! Thank you for the sweet emails I’ve received from you and for posting my first scarf on your site and blog! My goodness, I am so flattered. You sure know how to make a gal’s day :). “

Blessings! Mary Denmead

It really makes “our day” to get such wonderful photos and feedback! Mostly, we are SUPER CHARGED when we witness
our creative friends delighting in their own process and outcomes! :O)

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