Wet Felted Scarf Class

Fun Wet Felted Scarf Class Taught By Suzy Whitney

Wet Felted Scarf Class

These women had the pleasure of learning to wet felt a scarf in Suzy Whitney’s class!

Suzy tells us about her class, “I taught this class in two parts.  The first evening we wet felted a flower using merino wool, bubble wrap, netting, hot soapy water and rinsing water, first hot then cold.  We used a rolling pin to felt it.  It was good practice.” 

Wet Felted Scarf Class

“In the second class we made the scarves by wet felting the merino wool using bubble wrap, netting, swim noodles, and lots of rolling back and forth.  The class was a creative class as well as a work out!  When the scarf was felted we fulled it by both rubbing on bubble wrap and throwing on the counter (more exercise).

The wool we used was your merino top, probably why they turned out so pretty!  This winter I plan on teaching a wet felted slipper class and wet felted hat class and bookmarks for a kids class.  These classes are offered by our local community education and are great fun and a way for me to meet new friends since moving here a couple years ago.”

 That sounds like a blast- and all the scarves look beautiful too! Surely Two Harbors, MN is glad Suzy moved there!

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