Needle Felted Santa Doll

Santa Friday: Needle Felted Santa For a Loved One

Needle Felted Santa Doll

Needle Felted Santa Doll

As a  Christmas gift for a Christmas loved one, Teal Chimblo Fyrberg needle felted her mother-in-law this “labor of love” Santa.

Teal made this Santa using the Living Felt Needle Felting A Santa Doll Kit. Teal shared with us, “My mother-in-law LOVED Christmas beyond measure. I mean she did it up HUGE! 4 Christmas trees, a Dickens Village, decorations everywhere and several “Old World” santas that she had collected over the years. I thought making her a Santa using one of your kits would be the perfect gift. Unfortunately, she became very ill with cancer. The last special gift I was able to give her was the Santa I made using your kit and DVD. She was able to enjoy it for her last Christmas, and now it lives with her husband. This will be the first Christmas without her and it will be one of the decorations we take out as we try to remember good times and celebrate her life and love of this holiday.

Thank you for the WONDERFUL DVD class. It is clear and beautifully produced, and it really made it possible for me to make this Santa on my own. And, of course, the rest of the kit, which had everything I needed, simplified the process.”

Thank you for the kind words, Teal, and we are grateful that you were able to make that Christmas together so special.

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