Needle Felted White World Doll Aella Una

Felting the White World with Monica Slavici ~ Part 1

 Needle felted dolls by Monica Slavici

I recently had the opportunity to interview Monica Slavici of Gandalf’s Beard and felt an immediate connection to her and her work. Like many of us, she found in felting the ability to create the visions that are very much alive in her “inner world”. Join us as we begin a journey with Monica, one she is just embarking on…to felt “The White World”. As Monica attests, this will be a long process, so we hope to share updates with you as her work unfolds.

Needle felted dolls by Monica Slavici

Monica is from Romania but living in Switzerland for some years now.
She began making felt 3 years ago and proclaimed it “love at first sight”!

“I finally found a way to express myself and the unseen world I have inside me.”

Needle felted dolls by Monica Slavici

“At that time, I saw a felted gnome in a window shop and for me it was like the whole world stopped for a moment…it took my breath away and I knew THIS is what I want to do! In the first workshop that I took, I learned how to make that gnome. It was totally wet felted, something specific for Switzerland. We used wool batting and special armatures for felted dolls. I was fascinated and I wanted to learn more and more about felting. In time, I took as many workshops as I could.”

Monica pictured with her felted doll Aella Una.

I have this idea with the white world since some time…I know I first saw the guide and then the creatures.
When she was done, I suddenly knew: I AM the white world and she is my guardian! “

“Aella Una approach me one year ago, when I felt I have to make a world of Unborn,a completely white world of creatures coming to life. A world of Hope, Aspire, Becoming, Evolution… Aella Una was always beside me, whispering in my ear, we have worked together, I was just holding the needle and she has done the rest! I am looking forward to making the arising creatures. This will be a long time project.”


“I love the wonderful world of Elemental Spirits and I take my inspiration only from there.
Nothing is more rewarding than working with an Elemental, I can’t even describe the mutual feelings we have,
their gratefulness when the work is done! Overwhelming!”

Monica’s dolls are needle felted and their clothes are wet felted. While large dolls are not common in her country, she is partial to making them because she feels it gives her more freedom to felt in all of the details. Monica is also very partial to felting her dolls with ballet feet.

She shared with us, “I am a ballet dancer, I used to dance in Opera until my kids were born. I have missed dancing very much, but now I can fly with my elves and it’s wonderful! That’s why I adore felting!”

Monica-Slavici- felted vessel

Monica also enjoys felting bags and vessels because she feels the possibilities are endless with them.

“About future projects, I’m very excited to be part of Judit Pocs’s workshop at the end of this month, we’ll be making bags for four days! It’s always a lot to learn and a lot of great artist to learn from! I would also learn how to spin.”

“For aspiring artists, I would say to trust themselves, let their imagination run free. There are a lot of tutorials online, great books, many artists offering workshops. Practice is the best teacher!”

Monica shares her work on her facbook page

At times, Monica also has items for sale on her etsy shop

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