Brilliant and Life-like Felted Birds by Patty Gibson

You might recall that not too long ago we shared a lovely
humming bird needle felted by Patty Gibson of DeLand, Florida.

She shared it after learning the basics from our free needle felting a humming bird tutorial.

Well now she is up to some amazing felting…both wet felting,
and needle felting with projects like these gorgeous and life-like birds!

“I started needle felting this past November with a little bear kit that I purchased from Living Felt.  Before that, I had not heard of needle felting until I came across Marie’s YouTube. When I looked at Marie’s video I quickly ordered, received, and then made my first bear from her wonderful kit.  After that, I was completely sold on the art.

I made small bears for my three grown daughters and for my elderly mother and I gave them as Christmas gifts.  I started needle felting birds after my husband and I received a wildlife camera for Christmas which we positioned on our backyard birth bath.  We were astounded by the tremendous activity and happiness that birds display at bath time.

 Here are just few examples of the many bird pictures we captured.

Seeing birds in their natural setting at a distance of 3 feet – splashing, swimming, flying,
and singing is what gave me the inspiration to needle felt them.

   I use core wool to form the bird body and apply color with MC-1 on top.   Unsure exactly how to make bird feet, I came up with an idea to use jewelry wire, floral tape and fingernail polish.  I started with forming the feet with the wire, covering the wire with floral tape, and then painting the tape-covered wire with black and grey fingernail polish – and it happened “bird feet”.  

To attach the feet to the bird body, I apply a small amount of glue to the end of the wire and wrap MC-1 around the top, then needle felt the legs to the body.   My confidence was reinforced about 6 weeks ago after placing several of the needle felted birds in our family room arched window when a tufted titmouse flew to the outside window right next to the felted titmouse as if to say,
“Hey, what are you doing in there?”

We think these birds are just brilliant! I wonder what would happen if Patty got a Jungle Camera? hmmmm–

Watch for more photos from Patty on facebook where she is a frequent poster!

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