Felted Heart Valentine Treat Envelope Tutorial


I really like to make most of the gifts I give, but I especially enjoy
making the wrapping or the container they come in. Here is a little
tutorial for making a Valentine’s Day Treat Envelope or pouch.

Here are our supplies:MC-1 Merino-Cross Wool batts in Tulip and Red,
5×5 felting foam, felting needles size 40 and 38, pen needle felting tool,
pinking shears, hole punch, small heart cookie cutter, 12″ x 12″
scrapbook papers, parchment paper used for baking, gingersnap hearts as our treat, ribbon,
small scissors, pencil, ruler/straight edge and tacky glue or fabric glue.

Fill the cookie cutter with wool and needle felt the wool down firmly.
Use your finger to check for bare areas and add more wool as needed.
Make sure to needle felt close to the sides of the shape.
It helps to hold your cookie cutter
down firmly on the foam. See our video here

Use a single felting needle to firmly needle felt all along the walls
of the shape. This will give your heart very clean lines. Remove
the cookie cutter, peel the heart off the foam, and needle felt the
opposite side to a smooth finish.

Add a contrasting color on top of your heart or any adornments, beads, etc.

Cut your scrap book paper in half and then fold in even thirds.
Use your pinking shears to cut the side edges to a nice finish.

Use your straight edge and pencil to trace out the envelope flat.
We chose to make our shorter to accommodate the ribbon-tie.
For a decorative effect, also cut a V in base below the flap. We
did this so our cookies would show through a little bit.

Cut the parchment paper to fit inside the envelope, giving 1/4″ margin
on the insides. We will glue the envelope, but not the parchment, as this
will be our interior “food” wrapper for the treats. Glue your felted heart
to the outside of the envelope flap.

Press the edges closed, punch a hole in the flap and in the base
of your envelope and insert your ribbon. Add treats, sprinkle in
some love and deliver with a kiss!

~ You are creative and brilliant! I am sure what you do with
this simple idea will be unique and fabulous! We do hope you will
share pictures of yours with us as well!

4 thoughts on “Felted Heart Valentine Treat Envelope Tutorial

  1. This is so cute, I have brought all my supplies but haven’t started yet. I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start. I guess you could say over whelmed? But this is so neat I can’t wait to start on a project. What would you ladies recommened for a begainner project?



    • Hi Catina!
      Where to start? šŸ™‚ Are you referring to needle felting? For a beginner, it depends on what you would like. For flat felting, I suggest needle felting a design onto something like a jacket or purse. Or you could needle felt onto a piece of fabric and frame it or sew it onto something else. Making something small is a good idea, like a simple design to glue onto a greeting card. For a 3-D items, I would start just by making balls, and beads, even a pin cushion. Learn how to handle the wool, how it responds to your pressure, the needles, etc. For Wet Felting, I would simply make a flat piece and maybe cut it into a shape after, or use it as a base to needle felt onto. Those are some ideas…any one else want to give Catina some suggestions or tips?


  2. Hi there Yes I thought I would start small like 8×10 with nice little sayings on them with some king of picture. but liked the idea of the envovlope on the web site might try that, thank you



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