Lovely Wet Felted Journal Cover

wet felted journal cover

Julie Power wet felted this absolutely gorgeous journal cover as a gift. She learned the basic wet felting techniques from the
Living Felt Wet Felting Bookmarks kit, and then employed the MC-1™ Felting Batts Purples/Berries Studio Pack, Olive Oil soap and Mesh.

“I approached it like covering a textbook with a grocery bag.  I just figured out about how much I would need to cover the journal with leftover flaps for the inside.   I laid down a base color of batting, then perpendicular strips of batting with a few odd fibers I had swirled in.  I wet felted, then when the piece was dry, I wrapped it around the journal, then put a heavy book on it and let it sit. 

I trimmed off the raw edges to fit the journal…..I added the filigree brad, then I hot glued the felt to the journal, without gluing the inside flaps.   I sewed ribbon on the front and back inside flaps so the journal could be tied shut.  Then I hot glued the inside flaps down, and put the heavy book on top again and let the journal sit for a few hours.  The journal doesn’t close completely flat, so maybe sewing regular flat felt instead for the inside flaps would be a good option also…

 It was a fun experiment, and the journal lover I gave it to as a gift liked it……I’m looking forward to trying another one…..maybe a spiral bound, and make a separate front and back cover!  :)” – Julie Power

2 thoughts on “Lovely Wet Felted Journal Cover

  1. Julie, the cover is beautiful. I really appreciate your sharing of the process. i have been doing needle felting, but recently began to feel i should try wet felting,too. your work has inspired me to begin.


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