Gnomes, Gnomes, Everywhere!!!

Carol Snoeyenbos’ inspiration is her 82 year old auntie Phyllis!

“She called me over to her home last year all excited. She had found a new project for us to try!

She had a magazine clipping of a mushroom and told me we were going to create it!”

“So off we went to the internet to look for supplies (and found you) — we are both self-taught and enjoy just laughing and spending time together on craft projects… But now I’m hooked on wool felting!’

Carol loves anything Scandinavian! So she enjoys her little gnomes.

“I have had so many request for them that I sell them at a local Scandinavian store here in Minnesota.”

“With every gnome I create… I have learned they are hard to give up… Each little gnome goes a little faster, and each one gets a little better… They just make me smile.”

Her largest gnomes are about 12 inches all the way down to 5 inches. She used core wool for the shapes and then placed beautiful colors of felting wool from “your awesome business!!” She also used our Sun Dyed Premium Mohair Locks for beards and hair.

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