Inspired by the Seven Dwarves

As adults, we can follow Mimi’s lead and let our imaginations take us to new places. Such a great story to accompany this felted picture.

“My children attend a Waldorf school where imagination and creativity are prized above all else. Luckily, the parents learn quite a bit about this, too, and I have been permitted to re-live fairy tales, magical places, gnomes, fairies and to understand the necessity of art in our lives. It is like food and air! 

My picture is of the Seven Dwarves returning home after a hard day at work. The light streaming out of the home, along with the smoke from the chimney, is so welcoming I want to go there myself. The woods feel a bit overwhelming and menacing but it depicts the size of the tiny dwarves and that night has fallen by the time that their work day has finished.

I wet felted the base of the picture using Merino Cross Batt. Then I needle felted New Zealand Corriedale Wool and other wool onto the top. I used your olive oil soap for the wet felting portion and your soy pad for the needle felting (my favorite!).”

Mimi Hirsch

One thought on “Inspired by the Seven Dwarves

  1. I am so glad the I found LivingFelt. That Lynette is a awsome person. Even though we only talk when placing a is an awsome conversation filled with encouraging words, always. I do not know why I started felting late in life, but It is just an awsome craft. I am teaching my 13 yo grandsone to felt. He wants to make a necklace for his mom and stepmom. Every one of the items I have seen on this site are just amazing, and the artist that made them are the bomb. I love looking at and getting inspriation for everything I see. The products are inexpensive and good. NEVER HAD SUCH FAST SERVICE IN MY LIFE. I love you guys at LivingFelt. As lont as I am felting, you will be in my life. God is good and He has blessed us all again.


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