Needle Felted Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Vail Rossi on ebay

Stunning Needle Felted Unicorn & Foal!

Needle Felted Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Vail Rossi on ebay

FELTED FAIRY FANTASY Week MUST Include a Unicorn…right?! Well we have a BEAUTIFUL Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Colorado!  ~*you might recall we posted her amazing Pegasus just a short while back.

Carol used Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool as the base, NZ Corriedale on Top/for coloring and White Tussah Silk for the mane of the mare, also from LF. Carol used a reverse barbed felting needle to pull the black through to the surface. [and YES! We will have these in stock SUPER SOON … so watch for them in the newsletter]

Carol Rossi needle felted unicorn foam of VailRossi on ebay

Meanwhile — Love to Carol’s Unicorn and her Unicorn Foal!  We blogged  it so you can pin it!

Her ebay is: She does not always have items in the shop, because when she posts them…they sell fast. So make sure to follow her shop!

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