Needle Felted Waldorf Harvest Queen Fairy

Needle Felted Harvest Fairy Queen

Needle Felted Harvest Fairy Queen by Lisa Bondurant

She is free standing & stands almost 16 inches tall and is adorned with a harvest of…
well everything we grow in our Shenandoah Valley. All vegetables were made of Living Felt core fiber
and she is made of soft merino & corriedale.

I like to think that when the harvest moon rises over our sleeping valley, she glides
in on a silver beam of moonlight as quiet as a dream. She raises her magic cornucopia
to grant a wish of good harvest across the land. With a final dusting of sparkling frost
to make the gourds and pumpkins sparkle, she is gone before the sun rises.”

Lisa Bondurant lives and runs her small cottage business in West Virginia.

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