The Wacky & Original Creations of Kristy Zgoda

needle felted and polymer doll miss peeps and lambie  by Kristy Zgoda

 Kristy Zgoda began felting sometime in 2013 when her good friend, Sandy Edwards, phoned her in the Spring of that year sharing that she had just started felting. Sandy encouraged Kristy to “to take the plunge!”

Kristy has a bit of a logistical challenge in that her husband is allergic to the wool – so she actually felts outside of the house.
But he is supportive and helped her get her etsy site up and running.

When asked what she enjoys most about felting, Kristy exclaims, “How about EVERYTHING!? The smell, texture, colors.
I’m a sculptor by trade and the wool is just so versatile and forgiving. Plus, I adore soft dolls and mixed media.
Adding the skinny polymer clay legs to the dolls just pulled everything together perfectly!


We always love to learn where artists get their inspiration…and what fun to hear Kristy’s response!
“Whacky humans are my inspiration. I have always been very shy and more of a people watcher than a “‘joiner’. …and thank goodness for Wal~Mart! There is a never ending parade of ‘free spirits’ a.ka.a kooks in and out of their doors 24/7. I watch in fascinations, many times having to be reminded by my husband to close my mouth and keep shopping! I always imagine what their stories are, too….so now, each of my dolls have their own stories that grow as I sculpt them.”  

Kristy began her artistic pursuits in fine arts…portraiture of people and their pets…she prefers illustrating to painting and says that sculpting has always came easiest to her. In 1992 Kristy designed a line of dog themed jewelry and that has been her main focus for quite some time.
“The dolls are something new for me…and so far my absolute favorite thing to play with.”

What encouraging words does Kristy have for others just getting started?
“Jump in, the water’s fine! It’s an easy and affordable hobby.
No chemicals and it’s ‘older-kid-friendly’i.e. needles are very sharp….and there are easy to follow videos on line.
You don’t need much to get started and can make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts.
My 3 boys were never interested in art and when the youngest saw my dolls he sat down and made a great Santa ornament in an hour.”

You can see more of Kristy’s creations on etsy:

Kristy is using Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts on her dolls.


  1. Kristy,

    Absolutely adore ur dolls. I especially like (giggle) that u get inspiration from “walmartians” !! But u r much kinder than the actual reality is!,, LOL I have just started felting & do tons of crafts, clay beads, small sculptures & covering whatever will withstand the heating process of the clay!
    Looking @ ur dolls, it looks like they r standing on clay – is that ur base? Also I am considering trying to make clay eyes for my faces w/high gloss-have u tried this? If so would u let me know results, pls?
    Lastly Ty for sharing ur unique & expressive dolls, you r very talented.


    PS if like wool roving should try spinning, I picked it up shortly after moving from sunny southern VA to God awful freezing landlocked & windy SD. U could uses spinned wool for hair clothes etc


    • Hi Tracie,
      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. I didn’t realize people posted on here…eye material varies on the piece….Czech Jet black round matte beads-u can get them on ebay or etsy- are great for realistic animals…sheep(my lamb on here has them), bunnies…& other animals with black eyes. Make an eye socket in the face and sew the eyes in from the back of the head. Clay eyes would work too….put a bead hole through them so they can be sewn into the head & don’t move around…’s better if u drill the hole after it’s baked so u don’t distort the eyeball shape. Get some glossy Flecto Varithane from polymer clay express to brighten them up. It’s friendly with polymer clay and doesn’t yellow. Glass doll eyes are nice too…u can get these from Schoepfers. All my dolls pictured here have wool eyes. Get some of the brighter white wool from Living Felt for eyeballs. The dolls are on wood bases from Michaels. My husband sanded them and filled & re-sanded them for me. Then I painted-3-4 coats- with acrylic paint and glued flat back crystal around the edge with super glue gel. Use a toothpick with the glue to avoid messes and over-gluing. The legs are heavy gauge stainless steel wire from ACE hardware. I form the wire into the leg/foot shape and then wrap it in art wire wire so the polymer clay sticks to it and doesn’t slide all over the place. My husband inserts the legs into the dolls and glues them as they are hard to get in there straight. Make sure your your stainless steel leg/foot wire is straight before u put the clay on. Bake straight up with foot on the tray. I gave them big feet for more gluing surface & glued them to the base with super glue gel…I like Loc-tite the best.
      My husband is allergic to the wool so I can’t spin or do anything with large quantities of wool.
      I’ve been claying for over 40 years. Feel free to email me with any questions, etc. Thanks for your interest! Warm regards, Kristy


  2. oops…hey Tracie…the matte black jet czech beads (for eyes) are called Druk.



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