Nuno Felted Lattice Scarf: Bold, Feminine & Raspberry!

Raspberry Lattice Scarf by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate
Raspberry Lattice Scarf by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate

Accent your next outing with this hand dyed nuno felted scarf/shawl, felted by Kate Koprowski. What a lovely accessory for a Spring day or evening, we love rich the color combined with the lattice pattern for a light-weight yet luxurious feeling.

Kate shares, “…this hand dyed raspberry lattice scarf with a 50/50 merino silk blend. A blend this high gives the scarf a beautiful shine and luster and also excellent drape. The lattice grid has been bonded with handwoven mulberry silk using the wet felting technique nuno felting. It is very lightweight and is long enough to be wrapped around the neck easily.”

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If you hurry, you can have the scarf for your very own or find more lovely felted treasures
in Kate’s etsy shop: HandiCraftKate

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  1. Gorgeous color & design. Haven’t tried scarf yet but working up to it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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