felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Felted Scarf Wins a Felting Supplies Goody Box!

felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Kathleen McCartin of Minnesota Wins
a Felting Goody Box from LivingFelt.com!

Kathleen sent us a number of pictures of her felted jewelry, and a vessel,
this lovely felted scarf was selected in our drawing.
We love the rich colors and the texture created by pleating with the felted balls!

Thanks to everyone for making it so fun & friendly by sharing your pics, love & feedback!!

Elegant felted flower necklace

wet felted vessel

Gorgeous wet felted vessel.

  The designs on the vessel were created with wool yarn, silk hankies and  pieces of scrap china silk.  The dramatic red and beige, brown and cream are yarn, the other marbled reds are silk hankies and the mottled beige gold is scrap silk.  The fibers used for the base were a combination of romney wool and colonial top.