needle felted dog by Adriana Plum of Turkey Run Farm

Needle Felted Pet Portraits – Aussie Dogs

Needle Felted Dog Aussie by Adriana Plum of Turkey Run Farm
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 Adriana is a 4H Agility & Obedience Leader, she owns Turkey Run Farm and she is truly a talented artist.
“I have worked on this particular project for a few weeks. This dog is blue merle, color that is not so easy to achieve with just one color. But I was so happy that I ordered  Monochrome Studio Pack from Living Felt and realized that the colors are exactly what I was looking for. It was a pleasure to work with these colors. People ask me how much wool did I use for “Max” the Australian Shepherd. My answer is a TON without too much exaggeration. Max is 18″ long and over 10″ tall.”

“Felting herding breed dogs has been my recent passion. I have owned, trained and competed with my Aussies for almost 10 years. I know this type of dogs so well as I have my hands on my dogs a lot (training, grooming, playing etc) and being able to sculpture them and make them look so real comes pretty naturally to me. It does take a lot of thinking, planning, and sometimes drawing, specially when dogs pose. Getting them to look so real took some studying of dog’s anatomy, scull, head, and pretty much their entire body. It is a lot of work, but the results are rewarding.”
“Thank you for pretty and high quality wool.”

Needle Felted Dog Aussie by Adriana Plum of Turkey Run Farm

This is “Gracie”, her new competition partner, and mini-Gracie…her needle felted double.

Adriana shares, “…she is so amazing that I had to take time and sculpt her.
Again, she is blue merle color which add extra time to get those colors right. Gracie is 1 foot long and almost 10″ tall.
I think I used 7 or 8 different colors (including Frisbee) on her to get different shades.
Since I have live model at home, I was able to catch all the details, like pink on her nose, etc.”

Needle felted dog aussie by Adriana Plum of Turkey Run Farm

This one is Misty, my friend’s Aussie and she is blue merle color. She is about 1 foot long and 11″ tall.

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