Needle Felted Mermaid Picture by Anne Zimmerman using Living Felt MC-1 Wool

Needle Felted Mermaid Wall Hangings


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This  lovely and serene felted painting of a mermaid  was created by Anne Zimmerman of New York.
She used
Living  Felt MC-1 Batts in:

Indigo, Lemon Peel, Egyptian Blue, Latte and MC-2 Fairy Tale Pumpkin.

“I love to do needle felting as a painting medium. It is  so relaxing…very portable 🙂 , and so tactile.

I try to achieve a “watercolor” effect with the fibers…by blending and..swirling the colorful fibers onto a piece of felt.  I can achieve surprising shading by layering dark over light or light over dark. Living Felt has an incredible  array of colored wool to choose from, and I am so pleased with the  interest you take  with your customers….your community of felters. It is so nice to  be a part of a larger community.”

Needle Felted Mermaid Picture by Anne Zimmerman using Living Felt MC-1 Wool



This is a needle felted painting that I did recently after “experiencing” my 50th birthday.   It was therapeutic for me to work in this particular medium  and immerse myself in the beautiful colors of the wool. After completing the painting …it felt “cathartic” for me.  And turning 50 didn’t feel so monumental or scary anymore.  I always purchase my wool from Living Felt…the quality can’t be beat.  I used lemon peel, cadet [Egyptian blue], and indigo MC-1 batts to name a few.

Anne Zimmerman  Ossining, New York

2 thoughts on “Needle Felted Mermaid Wall Hangings

  1. Anne,
    Just had to tell u how much I love ur paintings-I too love the watercolor effect & a lot easier than watercolor & a lot more forgiving! I’ve just started with it and love the texture & feel of the wool & creating something out of a tuft of wool.
    You r an inspiration to me, thanks for sharing your art.
    Felting friends,
    Tracie zody


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