Wet Felted Shoreline – Beach Scene


Felted beach-shoreline from Felted House

FELTED BEACHY THINGS & SUMMER FUN! Share your sun, summer, beach, lake, etc. felted pics this week! This lovely felted picture comes from “Felted House” .. the artist does not list her name on the her blog ,we know  she is in the UK, but it was too lovely not to share!
“Can you incorporate real shells in layers of felt? Well, yes you can, if you really want to, but you have to be careful. I laid out two fine layers of fibres, then put some shells and pieces of shells in, then added another two fine layers of fibres so they were covered. I used some edges of silk squares for the swirly froth as the waves break on the sand.”

“When the piece was felted together well, I rolled it up using bubble-wrap and a foam pool-float – I usually use a bamboo blind but I thought that might be too hard for the shells!  When the felt had shrunk and fulled a bit I gently cut small holes in the top layer just over the shells to expose them a bit, and then carried on rolling.”

“All was fine until I thought I might throw the felt just a bit since it didn’t seem to be hardening as much as I expected (how silly is that – to treat it really carefully to start with then chuck it against a table?)- this was when I broke two of the shells, I thought they might be a bit more protected by their cushion of felt! But they’d lodged in their little pockets of fibres so well that I was able to insert another couple quite securely. The shimmery pieces of shell did break up a bit but stayed lodged in the surface.”


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