Waldorf Needle Felting by Zuzana Hochman of Made4uByMagic on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Sweeties

 Waldorf Needle Felting by   Zuzana Hochman of Made4uByMagic on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Zuzana Hochman of Israel creates a fabulous variety of Waldorf inspired
pieces. She was Marie Spaulding’s Peace Felt partner in a past year
and we have one of her creations in the Living Felt shop.

Of this little needle felted Waldorf style fairy Zuzana says, “I just love to combine wool with nature. These little fairies are
ones of my favourite creations. Each of them has its own personality, there can not be two the same.”

Zuzana sent Marie this sculpture as her Peace Felt Gift:

Needle Felted Waldorf Inspired FriendshipWreath-ZuzanaHochman Peace Felt gift to Marie Spaulding. On display at Living Felt


“My grandmother used to tell me a lot of stories about her life in small farm. When she was a small girl she woke up at 5 a.m. and took the geese out before she went to school. I love to make these goose girls so much because they always bring me all the good memories, stories of my grandmother.”

Zuzana shares that her “creations come from my memories of childhood growing up in the Czech Republic. They are rooted in the innocent imagination of childhood… a world where I played with fairies in my grandmother’s garden. They told me their secrets and I told them mine.”


“I love trees. I am very good friend with them and my children as well. I wonder how it feels to have long strong roots, to live quiet life. Today we all know that also tree have their guardians that are protecting them. Here I made one of them.”




“I grew up in a place where there were no large factories churning out thousands of goods a day. It was a humble place where hand-made goods were a way of life. Everything from the food we ate to the clothes we wore to the toys I played with as a child was made locally. When you use a hand-made item you can feel the personal energy from the soul that went into the item and you know each one is unique. These feelings I remember from my childhood. Through my creations I want you to be able to experience this as well.

 My life’s journey has brought me to Israel where I live in a rural Galilee community with my family. I am a friend, woman, mother and child. I love to create and my creativity has no boundaries. My two beautiful and amazing children make me proud and happy and fill my home with love. I am a trained art therapist. I believe in the role of imagination in leaning and in the development of creativity. Children need the freedom to fulfill his or her unique destiny. This is the environment from which my work is created.

 Our imagination is just the beginning.”

You can see more and purchase Zuzana’s Waldorf style needle felted pieces and other creations
in her etsy shop: Made4uByMagic

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