Needle felting paintings with Arlette Seib on

Needle Felting Pictures of Sheep and Dogs with Arlette Seib

     Needle Felting Pictures and Wall Hangings with Arlette Seib. Featured on

Arlette Seib wrote us a few wonderful emails and shared with us her incredible felted paintings of  what she calls
“typical scenes from my daily life with sheep and a few great dogs,   which is where the inspiration for artwork arises for me.”
Her words were thoughtful and comprehensive, so much of this post is in her own words.

ON THE MOVE (pictured above) is a large wall piece measuring about 2 x 3 feet.
“It contains LF [Living Felt] colored wool including fern green, foliage (oranges),
black, and one of your gorgeous blues.

The grey canvas was machine felted locally. The picture was entirely needle felted.
I enjoy using your 38 gauge needles for most of the work and then move to a finer needle as I progress.”


We appreciated the message from  this snippet of  a larger post on Arlette’s blog:
This afternoon, without knowing what I was planning to do with them,
I pulled out some of my artwork that is not already hanging on the walls.


I set the pieces out randomly as I pulled them from the art cupboard.  I think there is a common struggle with anyone who works on a pursuit that has no obvious, immediate, tangible outcome to it. The struggle to conquer the thoughts of not ever being enough.

When I saw my artwork laid out, I was reminded of why I stay this course. Why I live on the prairie, far from company, raise sheep, and immerse myself into a life of dogs and draw in my spare time. Sometimes I get lost and I forget all the why’s and the reasons. I look outwardly for the magic bullet; stewing, asking, thinking too hard and not seeing that the magic bullet is right here in the every-day-ness of life.

These are the every day ness of my life out here.

I impressed myself, I felt encouraged to pick up the pencil and keep on keeping on.
I also asked the hard question: where does it go from here? I didn’t find the answer, but that’s okay, sometimes you just have to see where you’ve been or what you’ve done to appreciate where you are going.

Needle Felting Pictures and Wall Hangings with Arlette Seib. Featured on

This Trio Of Queens piece measures 12 x 16 and includes LF [Living Felt] foliage, and fern green and brown/black wool.
Some wool from my own flock is also used in this piece. The canvas is repurposed 100% wool material.
The finished piece is wrapped on a hard canvas drawing board for hanging.

Arlette-Seib-onguardpencilNeedle Felting Pictures and Wall Hangings with Arlette Seib. Featured on

I sketch each piece out on paper. Then transfer to canvas using an old school projector.
This is especially useful for creating larger size pieces as I can resize with ease.
On the wool canvas I lightly mark the main lines with a lead or white pencil or sometimes a marker if required.
The transfer is barely visible but I only need to keep proportions and eyes proper. The rest I do as I go. 

Needle felting paintings with Arlette Seib on

Needle felting a picture – a work in progress. Notice how she builds up the shading
before adding the details.

Felting Wall hangings, Felted Paintings by Arlette Seib and featured on

As an artists I’m addicted to detail and as I progress in this fluent fibre art medium I’m learning to let the pieces dictate how much refining I put into them, challenging myself to let go of some detail and let each piece speak. 

I raise sheep and live a remarkably peaceful life on the prairies near Watrous, Saskatchewan. Canada.  

Love your company and how you inspire us. 

Cheers,  Arlette Seib

You can visit Arlette online:

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