Felted Cat Cave by Terri Brigham Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Cozy Felted Cat Cave!

Felted Cat Cave by Terri Brigham Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

TERRI BRIGHAM shared her very first wet felting adventure…resulting in this awesome felted cat cave! 
It weighs 6.5 ounces and measures 16″ across. She started with a 20″ cardboard resist. Terri used Baltic Merino Top as the outer layer and needle felted the details of the mice and cheese, with blanket stitching around the opening. Great Work!

This was my first attempt at wet felting and I didn’t know which wools to use so I just picked colors that I liked.  The first layers ( the inside color)  were done in Felting & Needle Felting Wool: New Zealand Corriedale Wool – Ice, then I used Merino Top Baltic Multi Colored for the top layers. the mice were needle felted on after it was all done using  MC-1™ Merino Cross Batt –- Blue Frost  and small scraps of black and pink( inside ear) and the cheese was made from some orange wool that I had.  the cardboard that I used was 20 inches across. After felting the project was approx 16.5 across. I would start with a bigger circle next time or use wool that doesn’t shrink quite as much as it was a tight fit for a larger cat.

Great Job … especially for her first wet felted piece!
If you are wanting to wet felting a cat cave, consider using CW-1 Core Wool for the base layer
or MC-1 Merino Cross Batts. The batts will lay out easily, evenly, and quickly!
Plus, they will felt up nicely for a firm base to your cat cave 🙂


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