Felted Wool Painting – Lone Tree Again

Felted Wool Painting Wall Hanging LONE TREE AGAIN by Deebs on etsy and Featured on www.livingfelt.com/blogFELTED TREES WEEK!
This lovely felt painting is by “Deebs” of  Redmond, WA and is entitled “Lone Tree Again”

This is an original needlefelt ‘wool painting’ with a design size of 11″ x 14″. It is entirely done by hand with various wools on felt with art yarn.

“So, since I’m an only child, I have been artsy my whole life (gotta have something to entertain yourself with). I have worked with just about every medium there is including stained glass work. And I still love cross stitching and needlepoint. But wool and silk fibers have entered my life and taken over….my love of needlefelting grows each year.”

You can see this and similar felted paintings in her etsy shop:  Deebs on etsy

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