Felted Wrist Warmers – A Fun Felting Project!

A pair of soft and cozy felted wrist warmers are a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! These were made with merino wool top and merino-silk blend, they are 100% wool and not nuno felted.

I wanted to make them very long so they would reach the bend in my arm…they are a perfect fit! Wet felting over a resist is fun. I started by making myself a pair out of polar fleece so I would know how wide and how long to make them. Then I used one long template of resist material (like I do when felting a pair of boots) and cut the fiber at the knuckle area.


The base layer is Merino Top in Lilac, with Super Fine Merino Top in Orchid and Merino-Silk Blend Black Currant as a contrasting accent. If you would like us to make a tutorial, video or even a kit…let us hear from you via comment on the blog or via email !


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