Fun Needle Felted Character Dolls

Needle Felted Fisherman Doll by Deb Sponagle Taylor on

Deb Sponagle–Taylor in Canada uses Living Felt MC-1 Batts
for her wonderful dolls. She is really great at creating a completeness to her sculptures using props.

Needle Felted Eskimo doll by Ann Louise Brandly on

This beautiful little doll was needle felted by Ann Louise Brandly of Canada

“Here is a photo of a Canadian Inuk (Eskimo) doll, made from your fabulous core wool and colors.”


Needle Felted Harry Potter by Jackie Bartolini Banike on

This needle felted rendition of Harry Potter was created by our friend Jackie Bartolini Banike who says it was one of her most time consuming, difficult and favorites from 2014.

“It is a favorite because I made it for our granddaughter Samm as part of her wedding gift. She and her now husband Gabe are Harry Potter addicts. The wedding was HP themed and honeymoon was at Universal Studios Harry Potter World.

Harry’s scar is throbbing and his tie is blowing in the wind as he plays a Quidditch match. I even put a piece of a real feather in his wand. Core wool is the base of this approx 8 x 10 figure and MC 1 batting in a variety of colors was used for clothing, Hogwarts insignia, robe, etc.

Best wishes for a blessed 2015 and thank you for your wonderful products and inspiration.”

– Jackie, Florida

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