NEEDLE ELTED DOLLS by Sisters in Art The E.G.G.S. Group

In March of 2014, a very lovely Ida Smith from Kingsland, Texas  contacted us about a project that that she wanted to do with her group of artistic friends. Only one of them had ever tried needle felting, but these darling women, well into their senior years, are not afraid to dive in. They decided to needle felt dolls … they bought one Needle Felting an Art Doll Kit, and all the supplies for the other women to make their dolls.

Needle Felted Doll Blue Hair Lady by Ida Smith from Doll Kit at

Blue Hair Lady by Ida Smith of E.G.G.S. group

After their adventure, here was Ida’s report:

We are known as the EGGS (Exceptionally Gifted Gals Sculpting) OK to laugh – we think our name is funny also – and we have a loosely organized club of 6 women that like to sculpt in polymer clay. From time to time we take turns presenting a group project. April was my month and I chose needle felting an art doll. Only one of us had any experience with needle felting and even that was very limited and quite some time ago.

Needle Felted Doll Fashionista by Bo Lacombe on

Fashionista by Bo Lacombe

Needle Felted Doll Tribal by Marilyn Hartl on

Tribal by Marilyn Hartl

We did as you suggested and first practiced by covering and decorating a Styrofoam egg. We then started our dolls. We completed the dolls in about a day and a half. I cannot tell you how much fun we had. We always have a wonderful time just being together and sharing our different talents and soaking in the fellowship we share. The felting project added so much to our April meeting. We had the opportunity to share a new art form, learn some new skills and express ourselves in a new way. It was just glorious. I am so pleased to be able to share pictures of our completed work. One of our regulars EGGS was not able to attend so we had an “EGG substitute”. We do not consider our group as hobbyists or just crafters, we feel that we are artists and we all strive to produce “gallery quality” work.

Needle Felted Flapper by Marc Woods on from kit

Flapper by Marc Woods

 Marie, thank you again for all that you did to help me put this project together. You spent a lot of time figuring out what needed as well as the amounts. It all worked out so well and I would be proud to recommend you and your products to anyone interested in this art form.”


Needle Felted Doll KowGal by Sub Kay Kelley on

KowGal by Kay Kelley

We caught up with Ida, about 8months after they first tried needle felting, and this is what she shared:

“During 2014 our EGGS Group experienced many life events.  Births and deaths, sorrow and joy and having this group has given us a bond much like that of sisters.  Our art has given us the opportunity to express ourselves with our hands and our minds and at the same time, find comfort in each other as we gather to work on our dolls.  We had a girls weekend retreat and made dolls that we named our Blessing Dolls. They had abundant pockets where you could tuck a note to remind you of a special blessing you received. One of our favorite things is looking for discarded treasures that we can use in our work.  Broken jewelry, scraps of fabulous fabric, pieces of driftwood become very valued as we share ideas of how to use them.  We have used the skills we learned from our felted dolls to make costumes and accessories for our polymer clay dolls and figures.  Two of us continue to do some felting and are trying to felt small animals.  … 

Needle Felted Doll Red Hot Mama by Marilynn Huston from kit at

Red Hot Mama by Marilynn Huston

Currently we are planning our activities for 2015.  Our  biggest project will be a “Round Robin Doll”.  We will construct the basic head and body and then each member will have it for a month to clothe and embellish it and then pass it on to another member.  At completion, depending on the final outcome, we are considering donating the finished doll to a group that might be able to use it in their fund raising efforts.  We hope you have a happy and prosperous new year and we thank you for sharing your art with us and assisting us along our adventures in our art.” 

Sincerely, Ida Smith


*We are so happy to see all of these wonderful dolls by the E.G.G.S. group!
We love the insights they gained and shared…and hope they inspire you in you artistic journey.


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