Needle Felting: A Felted Heart Garland or Dangler to Brighten Any Room! Free Tutorial

 Free tutorial for needle felting hearts and balls to make a felted heart garland
or dangler (with the line of hearts running up and down vs. sideways)

Supplies Used for this project: LivingFelt MC-1 Felting Batts,
NeedleFelting Foam, Felting needles sizes 38 Star and 36 Triangle,
Doll Needle, Assorted Beads, Yarn, Small Scissors.


Our project has 8 small needle felted beads or balls of various colors.
Start with a small strip of wool in a single layer.

Roll the end a few turns to create a tube,
then tuck one side over towards the opposite edge.

(I use two hands for the part of the process, but the otherhand is holding the camera!)

Then tuck the other side over and notice that a small ball is forming.
Now roll the ball forward, and continue to roll and tuck from side to side.
The more tightly you manage this process, the easier it will be to needle felt.

We have reached the end of our strip and have a small, tightly formed ball.

Use your 38 Star needle to firmly needle felt the ball into shape.
Start by needle felting the loose fibers from the end, ane needle felt
across the entire surface of the ball over and over. It is better to
needle felt the surface in multiple passes
than to spend too much time in one area.


Time to needle felt our hearts. We used a 3″ x 6″ strip of wool batting.

Fold the top right corner across to the opposite side,
creating a 45 degree angle along the top.

Fold the top left corner down towards you.

Fold the left side over to the right edge.

Fold the loose fibers over the triangle you have formed.

Use your 38 Star needle to needle felt the loose fibers down
and needle felt the entire shape on all sides and from all directions.

Our soon-to-be heart is really taking shape and firming up!

Use your 36 Triangle to compress the fibers into the desired heart shape.
We created 8 needle felted hearts in 3 colors.

Once all of your beads and hearts are created, you might plan
your arrangement by laying your needle felted hearts and beads
out on your work surface.

String up your needle felted beads, baubles, beads and hearts
with your doll  needle and yarn.

Our finished Needle Felted Heart Garland / Dangler is approximatley 44″ long,
and will hang from the ceiling to brighten a corner of a room.

We hope you enjoy this project and share your versions of this similar idea,
and as always we wish you Very HAPPY Felting!!

_HEART-ROOM-4-06-10-14needle felting heart garland on




5 thoughts on “Needle Felting: A Felted Heart Garland or Dangler to Brighten Any Room! Free Tutorial

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  2. I am going to try the tutorial I just went through…folding the wool…Thanks for this simple way to try for a heart…



  3. I am a beginner and I am confused about how to pass the string through the larger hearts as they look pretty big and a doll needle is only 3 inches long according to your catalog. I made some Christmas ornaments and had trouble for the same reason.

    I love all the ideas you offer.


    • Hi Susan! A standard (3 inch) doll needle is what I used for all of my hearts except for the large red one! For that I used a 5 inch doll needle that I was able to buy at a local fabric store! I did have to “scrunch” the heart just a little bit but that was no problem; the wool popped right back into shape! 🙂 Have FUN!! 🙂


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