Needle Felted Rooster – A needle felting tutorial

 Needle Felted Novelty Rooster
A Needle Felting Tutorial on Innovation

By Marie Spaulding

The photos are telling…this is a very old project. I needle felted na ovelty, bass playing Rooster
as a gift for my Late- Mother-in-Law. (She loved Roosters and my husband began his music career as a bass player , so…)I made it long ago — it was inspired by a metal sculpture,
so I documented the process as I went along thinking one day I might share it. So…in honor of
Felted Birds and Winged Beings Week here at LIVING FELT … here it goes.

Please keep in mind – the tutorial is more to plant seeds of innovation than to give good techniques
for “needle felting” – my photos were more about what is “unique” for this sculpture.

Have Fun!

MATERIALS: Wire small to medium gauge, floral tape, tennis ball, waxed floss, two sets of buttons,
small eyelet screw like used in hanging pictures, embroidery floss, heavy linen or canvas, commercial felt,
wooden spoon – the inexpensive kind found in the craft store.

TOOLS: Measureing tape, sharpie, pencil, hot glue gun, wire snips, scissors, felting needles,
multi needle felting tool, doll needle sewing needle, staple gun.



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