Lovely Felted & Needle Felted Soap

Felted Soap by Michele White on

Michele White shared her very artfully felted lavender goat’s milk soap on our community
facebook page…and won a $25 Gift Certificate to Living Felt!!

She even shared her techniques for felting and needle felting designs onto soap

“First you lay out the roving or batt in one direction – about twice the size of your bar.
Then place another layer running another direction. start at one end
and very tightly wrap the wool around the soap by turning the bar end over end.

The ends can be tucked in at the last turn. If there is too much bulk at the ends
– you can pull some of the fiber until it leaves just the amount you want.
I then lightly needle felt the soap. I just poke right into the soap.

Sometimes it is easier to surface felt by poking sideways across the surface.
Once the wool is beginning to grasp the shape of the soap – cover it in a knee high stocking
and dip into hot hot water. Rub and Rub and Rub – squeezing out the excess water.
once you cannot pinch the wool – you know it is done. I then remove it from the stocking
and let dry over night – then embellish with yarn, roving, or top.”

Thanks, Michele & Congratulations on Winning!

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