Sweet Needle Felted Dolls as Gifts of Appreciation


See Vang of Minnesota shared these wonderful dolls and won
a Felting Goody Prize Box from Living Felt!

“… I dedicated my time to create and needle felt using your
New Zealand Corriedale Wool Goody Bag, and other selected Corriedale Wool colors
done using the clover pen needle. I started this personal project about a year ago
and came to love it. The project was inspired by my long experience working
with my co-workers and I wanted to give something back. I wanted to make dolls,
but I was not skilled enough at the time to make them, so I did my research
and came across needle felting. I’ve learned a lot in developing these dolls
with error and success. In the end, I was very proud of myself
and enjoyed every minute of it! In total I made around 11 dolls including myself,
but sadly I don’t have good quality pictures of them to show
because I gave them away (and forgot to). But I still wanted to share with you
the pictures I do have. So, thank you for making a difference in my artistic skill,
by providing the resource I need to start on needle felting.”

See Vang, Minnesota

Sweet Needle Felted Dolls by See Vang

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