Felted Pots Take Over Florida Home

Wet Felted Vessel by Cami Smith  on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“Love Pot”

Cami Smith recently contacted us and reported that felted vessels were taking over her home!
She wasn’t kidding, look at all of these fabulous and unique felted vessels she has made!

“I have been trying to felt vessels for sometime but it was your tutorial youtube that finally got me over the hump.  After I watched it I have been making felted pots like mad.  With each one I make I try new techniques and find new things to add into the wool.  I really want to take them to another level.  ( in my free time)  I thought I would share some fun images with you. “

Wet Felted Vessels by Cami Smith, from Living Felt Tutorial  http://livingfelt.com/feltingvideos.html Cami-Smith-Felted-Vessels2
Besides just making great fiber art, Cami helps promote it through her work with Fiber Art Now Magazine.
You can like them on fb, subscribe to their print mag and even purchase back issues … sweet!

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