Needle Felted Octopus Like You’ve Never Seen!

Michele White Needle Felted Octopus on

This really rocked our fb page! Perfect for OOAK-Whimsical Week!

“This was my most whimsical and creative project lately!
Meet Miss Jules Octavia. She is 100% steampunk and full of life!
with her tentacles spread – she is over 2 foot wide
Hand felted using Living Felt’s fine Merino top in Lilac. Her legs were created using
a wire armature twisted in the center and carefully felted to the underside of her head.
I used Merino top in Plum to create her hat – with a black rim
(both stiffened with commercial fabric stiffener).

Her tentacles had 3 sizes of metal snaps running along the underside to mimic suckers
(but keeping in her Steampunk theme)
Her eyes are acrylic full round doll eyes in Violet.

She is embellished with a variety of items ~ some vintage watch pieces,- paper and silk flowers, gears, a
nd keys (the majority of which are seen on her right side – which are not shown in this picture)
Thank you Living Felt for having just the fiber and needles I needed to let my imagination run wild!”

– Michele White, Bristow, Oklahoma

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